FCC seeks more info on Google Voice

By:  The Business Journal

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The Federal Communications Corp. Friday asked Google Inc. about its Voice Internet calling service after AT&T Inc. complained that it violates call-blocking rules.

FCC Wireline Competition Bureau Chief Sharon Gillett asked Google to explain how it decides which calls to block and noted that telecommunications companies are prohibited from such activity.

AT&T and other traditional carriers complain that Google Voice blocks calls made to rural areas.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) said it blocks calls to these areas because it is a free service and the calls often connect to high-priced adult phone sex centers and conferencing services.

The search giant said it shouldn’t be subject to the FCC rule because Google Voice is a software application that is meant to “supplement and enhance existing phone lines, not replace them.”

In a blog posting on Friday, Google said AT&T (NYSE:T) is different because it charges for it phone service and gets millions of dollars of universal service subsidies.

It implied that AT&T is being hypocritical in asking for FCC action because it has sought to block calls to those areas, as well. AT&T said it merely wants the rules equally enforced on all phone service providers.

Google has until Oct. 28 to respond to the FCC inquiry.

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